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The show you vote on! Full spoiler crazy. We run a bi-weekly poll on our facebook page with our 3 picks . just search for Fort Arawak on facebook. The winning movie will be the campfire story and we take your emails.

Name and brief description, We see a movie in theaters or a new rental and tell you if its worth a watch, wait for netflix or run the opposite direction! 
Patreon Content
Almost anything can be found here. Bonus episodes of horror shows only done for the patreon , JCI a short cast about anything currently going on in our lives. "The Pariah Complex" horror audio stories. that airs on Samantics Podcast "Welcome to hell" comedy audio series that airs on Swervey Jones Show Podcast. "Weird Job Wednesday" songs that appear on the Tom & Dan Podcast

Become a "Camper" send us an email with your address and we will mail you a Fort Arawak Magnet.

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